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12th International conference on One carbon metabolism, B vitamins and Homocysteine

Conferencia   |   9 de junio de 2019 Date   |  

Date: June 9th to 13th2019 - Hotel Termes Montbrió Southern Catalonia.

This conference has been taking place every two years since it was first held in Dromoland Castle in Ireland in 1995. It has since been held in The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, France, Denmark and sometimes been repeated in these countries. The conference has attracted from 200 to 400 delegates from Europe, the USA, India, Asia, Australia and New Zealand including researchers, clinicians, nutritionists, dieticians, clinicians, representatives from the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as policy makers. It provides an excellent opportunity for networking with experts and researchers of the intricacies of the complex metabolic network that is regulated by nutrient‐gene interactions and plays a central role in development and health from the earliest stages of life throughout old age.


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