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Transversal and Complementary Contents for the Food, Nutrition and Gastronomy Programmes for Infant and Primary School Education It’s my pleasure

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AuthorsAnsón Oliart, Rafael ; Ávila Torres, José Manuel ; Cuadrado Vives, Carmen ; Dal Re Saavedra, Mª Ángeles ; Pozo de la Calle, Susana del ; Gordo Santos, Arantxa ; Montero Bravo, Ana ; Murillo Ramos, Juan José ; Robledo de Dios, Teresa ; Rodríguez Alonso, Paula ; Ruiz Moreno, Emma ; Valero Gaspar, Teresa ;Varela Moreiras, Gregorio ; Villar Villalba, Carmen

The Transversal and Complementary Contents for the Food, Nutrition and Gastronomy Programmes for Infant and Primary School Education, by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, reinforce the common objectives looking to be achieved in both educational stages. As well as helping to acquire healthy eating habits through food and diet knowledge together with taste education, this new publication presents us with the direct relationship the school pupil has with his/her food and the practicing of physical exercise, an essential and necessary duo.

The four units integrated in this publication include transversal and complementary contents for the Infant School Education stage and the first cycle of Primary School Education, where the pupils will discover new ways of observing, tasting, smelling and experiencing foods, essential requisites for following a balanced diet. The structure of these contents evolve from the same methodological pattern as the Food, Nutrition and Gastronomy Programme for
Pre-School Education (PANGEI), although some changes can be found: stories have evolved to comics (a more visual resource, with more concise language); songs are transformed to riddles and Martin, that really friendly chef that appears on television and with whom the characters chat on the Internet, ‘comes to life’. This time, the school pupils will see the chef preparing recipes that they will then prepare at home with help from the family.
Food and gastronomic education among the young ones serves as a basis for creating healthy individuals, with a good quality of life, promoting the acquisition of healthy life styles from infancy onwards.

Edition: Secretaría General Técnica. Subidrección General de Documentación y Publicaciones. Centro de Publicaciones. Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Coedition: Agencia Española de Consumo, Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición (AECOSAN)

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