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Institutional Relations


  • Charter member of the Federación Española de Sociedades de Nutrició, Alimentación y Dietética (FESNAD)
  • Mission of FESNAD:

  • Agreement with Fundación Española de la Nutrición (FEN)
  • Mission of FEN:


  • Spanish member of the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS)
  • President of FENS (2011-2015): Dra. Ascensión Marcos Sánchez

    Mission of FENS:
    ~ To combine efforts for the development of research and education in Nutrition Sciences and to promote the importance of Nutrition for public health in Europe.

  • Spanish member of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS)
  • Mission of IUNS:
    ~ To promote advancement in nutrition science, research and development through international cooperation at the global level.

    ~ To encourage communication and collaboration among nutrition scientists as well as to disseminate information in nutritional sciences through modern communication technology.

  • Collaborations with "Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición" (Caracas, Venezuela)
  • Mission of ALAN:

Official Communication Organ

  • Nutrición Hospitalaria ( > )
  • A bimonthly journal (Impact Factor in 2013: 1.25) that includes original articles, case reports and review articles, as well as expert opinions. The journal can be consulted free of charge at PubMed.


  • Publication of a quarterly newsletter for the members of the SEÑ.
  • Organization of meetings of the SEÑ every 2 years
  • Organization of scientific meetings of the SEÑ every 2 years.


  • 2006 | The Medalla del Consejo General de Farmacéuticos de España (Medal of the General Council of Spanish Pharmacists) was awarded to Prof. Salvador Zamora Navarro.
  • 2007 | The Federación Española de Sociedades de Nutrición, Alimentación y Dietética (FESNAD) has granted the Premio a la Divulgación en Alimentación y Salud (Award for Extending Knowledge on Diet and Health) in the category of Professional Career to Prof. Gregorio Varela Mosquera for his contribution to the advance of Nutrition in Spain.


  • Elvira Larqué Daza


  • Multidisciplinary consensus on the approach of hospital malnutrition in Spain [ >> ]
  • Nutritional recommendations for evidence-based prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults (Consensus FESNAD-SEEDO) [ >> ]
  • Consensus Document Supplement Nutrition Hospital "Obesity and Sedentary in the XXI century: What can and should be done? [ >> ]
  • Symposium Summary FESNAD/SEÑ in congress IUNS [ >> ]