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Human Nutrition

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Autor: Geissler, Catherine - Powers, Hilary
Editorial: Churchill Livingstone
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN: 978-0-7020-3118-2
Nº Edición:12ª
Año de edición:2010

This 12th edition of Human Nutrition has been fully updated by a renowned team of international experts to ensure to ensure authoritative content and a global perspective. It provides a comprehensive resource for all those in the field of nutrition and other health sciences.

Contents Part 1 Food and nutrients. 1-Food and nutrients. 2-Food and nutrient structure. Part 2 - Body composition and macronutrient metabolism. 3-The physiology of nutrient digestion and absorption. 4- Body size and composition. 5-Energy balance and body weight regulation. 6-Carbohydrate metabolism. 7-Fat metabolism. 8-Protein metabolism and requirements. 9-Alcohol metabolism: implications for nutrition and health. Part 3 - Micronutrient function. 10- Water-soluble vitamins. 11-Fat-soluble vitamins.12-Minerals and trace elements. 13-Inter-micronutrient topics. Part. 4 - Dietary requirements for specific groups. 14-Infancy, childhood and adolescence. 15-Prepregnancy, pregnancy and lactation. 16-Ageing and older people. 17-Vegetarian diets. 18-Dietary considerations for sport and exercise. Part 5 - Clinical Nutrition. 19-Cardiovascular disease. 20. Obesity. 21-Diabetes mellitus. 22-Cancers. 23-Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. 24-Nutrition and the skeleton. 25- Dental diseases. 26-Immune function, food allergies and food intolerance. 27-Eating disorders. 28-Deficiency diseases. 29-Diet and genocide interactions - nutritional genomics. Part 6 - Public health nutrition. 30-The science of epidemiology. 31-Nutritional assessment methods. 32-Food supply, factors affecting production, trade and access. 33-Food and nutrition policies and interventions. Glossary. Abbreviations. Appendix: Dietary reference values. Index.

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