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Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with susceptibility for development of colorectal cancer: Case-control study in a Basque population

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Autores: Alegria-Lertxundi I, Aguirre C, Bujanda L, Fernández FJ, Polo F, Ordovás JM, Etxezarraga MC, Zabalza I, Larzabal M, Portillo I, de Pancorbo MM, Palencia-Madrid L, Rocandio AM, Arroyo-Izaga M.

Given the significant population diversity in genetic variation, we aimed to investigate whether single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) previously identified in studies of colorectal cancer (CRC) susceptibility were also relevant to the population of the Basque Country (North of Spain). We genotyped 230 CRC cases and 230 healthy controls for 48 previously reported CRC-susceptibility SNPs. Only the rs6687758 in DUPS10 exhibited a statistically significant association with CRC risk based on the crude analysis. The rs6687758 AG genotype conferred about 2.13-fold increased risk for CRC compared to the AA genotype. Moreover, we found significant associations in cases between smoking status, physical activity, and the rs6687758 SNP. The results of a Genetic Risk Score (GRS) showed that the risk alleles were more frequent in cases than controls and the score was associated with CRC in crude analysis. In conclusion, we have confirmed a CRC susceptibility locus and the existence of associations between modifiable factors and the rs6687758 SNP; moreover, the GRS was associated with CRC. However, further experimental validations are needed to establish the role of this SNP, the function of the gene identified, as well as the contribution of the interaction between environmental factors and this locusto the risk of CRC.

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