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What share of people say they are vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian?

Actualidad   |   13 de junio de 2022 Date   |  

Fuente: Our World in Data

Most people still eat some meat. But survey data shows that many report adopting a diet with less animal products. Young people are more likely to be non- or only occasional meat-eaters.

There is a growing interest in the environmental, ethical, and health impacts of our diets.

To understand patterns of food consumption we can look at market sales data – how much meat, dairy, and plant products we sell. This tells us about countries as a whole – we present this type of data here – but this doesn’t tell us about the variation within a population.

If we want to know about this variation we can rely on survey data on how people describe their dietary preferences. There is, unfortunately, a lack of long-term data on this. But we can look at recent developments.

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