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FENS Working Groups: Improving Standards in The Science of Nutrition

Actualidad   |   30 de noviembre de 2023 Date   |  

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Following initial discussions and a workshop at FENS 2019 in Dublin, FENS has established three working groups to discuss and publish consensus documents around improving standards in the science of nutrition. The background to this activity can be found elsewhere [1, 2].

After an exceptional response from the membership of FENS, 61 people representing 20 European countries have been nominated to join the Working Groups. All the groups will come together for regular meetings to share practice and progress. Each working group has a Chair and a Secretary with the other members being a mix of established and early career researchers. Members of the working groups are, as far as possible, spread equally across European countries and have a diverse distribution. It is anticipated that each working group will report its findings at the next FENS conference in Belgrade 2023.

For more information, click on the followinf link: WEB

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