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And still they say that fish is expensive

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JONNPR. 2016;1(7):239-243 239
DOI: 10.19230/jonnpr.2016.1.7.1137


And still they say that fish is expensive.
Y aún dicen que el pescado es caro.

Francisco J Sánchez-Muniz, Sara Bastida
Departamento de Nutrición y Bromatología I (Nutrición). Facultad de Farmacia. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 28040-Madrid. España



In this article, we have tried to analyse the core aspects that not only make it difficult to investigate but also transfer knowledge and technology in Spain and other countries, especially non-English speaking ones. Major factors affecting research expenses and the role of managers and mediators are analysed. The paper ends with a reflection on the importance of an appropriate relationship between editorials (publisher of books and Journals) and authors; in particular focusing on the respect that the works authorship must have, properly valuing the recognition of the effort and value of the article. It should be something that goes beyond the opportunity to publish in a good journal with a high impact factor. It should involve the recognition of authorship by a fair payment to the authors in the form of small salaries, to be given at the time that its publication was consulted and printed by other authors or institutions.

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